Automatic Boom Barrier

Boom Barrier Key Features:

  • AutomationSecurity
  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Safety sensors
  • Remote Control
  • Loop Detection


Top Notch Automatic Boom Barrier – NH Enterprises

Enhance security and simplify access control with our supreme Boom Barrier, built to be flexible yet reliable – the ideal way to regulate vehicle flow between residential complexes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Key Features of Automated Operation: For effortless vehicle entry and exit without manual intervention by hand

Strong Construction Crafted: Endure harsh temperatures and intense use, guaranteeing long-term durability.

Remote Control: Allows users to easily shut and open this barrier from a distance, increasing operational efficiency.

Safety Sensors: The sensors installed into cars and pedestrian crossing areas can detect obstructions to help stop accidents from taking place, providing safety for both people and cars alike.

Quick Opening/Closing: Movement Rapid barrier movements reduce waiting times and help improve traffic flows, helping businesses reduce waiting time for service deliveries and traffic flow.

Flexible Options: Offered in various lengths and configurations that can meet various access points and traffic volumes.


Benefits: Increased Security: Restricting unwelcome entry improves overall site security

Convenience: Automating entry/exit point management reduces manpower requirements significantly.

Affordable: Reliable performance combined with minimal maintenance requirements results in long-term cost savings.

User-Friendly Controls and Fluid Operation are essential elements in creating an user-friendly environment, both for users and operators alike.

Enhanced Security: Ideal for improving security and efficiencies at work, our Automatic Boom Barrier provides access control that’s safe yet cost-efficient. Discover its many advantages here.

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