Rubber Column Guards for Wall Edge Protection

Suitable for fixing to concrete or steel columns in car parks to help protect both the column and the cars parking in the car park in case of minor contact with columns or corners of walls.


Our rubber column guards are designed to provide superior protection for columns and systems in diverse settings. These guards are manufactured the use of wonderful rubber to make certain sturdiness and lengthy-lasting performance.


Our rubber compound is an appropriate solution for defensive columns and corners. It’s cost-powerful, easy to hold, and highly long lasting—immune to warping, cracking, chipping, or rotting.


Quick Installation of Rubber Column Protector

Corner Protectors may be without difficulty set up the use of screws or epoxy adhesive (now not included) on concrete or metal columns. Their lightweight design guarantees that one individual can handle and deploy them effects.

High Visibility

Featuring yellow reflective strips, our Corner Protectors are relatively seen to motorists and pedestrians both day and night time, enhancing protection and focus in any environment.


Our Rubber Column Guards Features:

  •         Superior impact resistance
  •         Easy to put in and preserve
  •         Custom sizes and designs available
  •         Ideal for parking garages, warehouses, and business centers
  •         Provides powerful cushioning and protection


Here are the All Sizes of Rubber Column Guard

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