Islamic ethics explains the clear ethics of road use that all humanity must adhere to. This is because the public, especially road users, has the right to use roads and roads.Today, road accidents have led to alarmingly high mortality and deaths. This situation disturbs all passers-by. Reasons for reporting included driver attitudes and behaviors such as temptation, impatience, autism, and road and traffic disorders. This negligence eventually led the masses to suffer, affecting innocent lives and their families. This study offers solutions for pedestrians to implement the behavior of roads taken by Islam.

Road safety is a major public health concern in Pakistan. It is estimated that people in Pakistan are killed or seriously injured in traffic accidents every five minutes. Mankind has suffered tremendously and economic losses are estimated at 3-5% of Pakistan’s GDP.

Pakistan National Road Safety Plan 2018-2030 is based on the first National Road and Road Safety Plan 2017-2018. It has extended the reach of all Pakistan’s road systems and all groups of road users. It develops Pakistan’s vision for road safety and proposes comprehensive and proven measures to improve road safety at national, regional and local levels. Pakistan’s initiative to save more than 6,000 lives is a road safety policy vision for 2018-2030. Otherwise, it will disappear in a traffic accident. It will also help Pakistan fulfill its obligations with regard to regional and international road safety objectives. This series of policy and road safety action plans will be developed to implement the action plan for all road users and road users. As sensitive pedestrians, such as motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycle and fellow travelers and children. The road safety law is expected to be completed by early 2020.

  1. Vehicle safety:

Regardless of when and where you drive, you should make sure your vehicle is safe. For example, you should always wear a seat belt, use an accurate speedometer, and pay close attention to road speed limits.

  1. Encourage the community

The code of ethics defines morality as “right and wrong.” Awareness must be raised at community level so that everyone knows they need to be actively involved in these activities. It says, “Charity begins in the family.” To encourage others, one must be self-motivated.

  1. Tiredness

Fatigue is one of the biggest killers. Fatigue accidents can occur on any trip, regardless of the time or time of day. Before you get on the road, you should make sure they are awake and active. When you are tired or stressed, hiring a taxi is safer than driving yourself and putting yourself and others at risk.

  1. Mobile

When driving, you can only use your phone to make or receive calls when it is securely installed in the vehicle. Mobile phone control is the touch of a mobile phone (unless it is allowed to the passenger). Sending a text message or Watt Sapps while driving can get your attention. This can lead to accidents, injuries and even death. Ethically and ethically, a person should avoid using the phone fully and change their phone mode to control / not disturb.

  1. Pedestrian Bridge

While driving, pedestrians can be difficult to spot and pedestrian behavior cannot be explained. Other road users may find it difficult to incorporate pedestrian safety aspects into their ongoing decisions, as drivers and passengers can be challenging. Therefore, people walking on the road should make sure that it only crosses the street in the event of zebra heat, drivers should consciously stop at zebra heat and allow pedestrians to safely cross the street.

  1. Schools and school districts

Road safety around the school is a major concern for parents and school administrators. It should incorporate it into road safety measures so that speed limits in school districts and nearby roads do not exceed 20 km per hour.


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