Road Blockers

Road blockers are designed especially for entrance points which have a threat of vehicle attack or for the ones that have high security requirements. If there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to the control of vehicle access in high security applications, hydraulic road blockers are the unique solution and the most secure systems. Even though the attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high speeds,



The Hydraulic Road Blocker HRB-X is designed as an effective means of controlling access to high security areas such as embassies, airports, strategic factory sites, etc . The HRB-X offers the advantage of not requiring a side column to house the drive mechanism. The hydraulic drive is operated by an energy accumulator that can be positioned as far away as 5 m (15 m optionally). This facilitates placing several barriers end to end to control exceptionally wide access points.

In case of power failure, a hand pump can be integrated to operate it for emergency usage.
The HRB-X is available in customizable width of the rising obstacle.

1. Frame of thick section galvanized steel profiles. The obstacle unit is articulated on a hinge (axle in stainless steel). The obstacle is operated by 1 heavy duty ram. Two other small rams ensure the effective locking of the obstacle in raised position, for ensuring proper resistance to an impact whatever its direction. The position control of rams is made by waterproof inductive sensors, without any movable part likely to distort.

2. The barrier front face is formed by curved plating closed at
both ends, white enameled with chevron-shaped red reflecting
stripes, which encloses the mechanism.

3. Galvanized metal frame sealed into the concrete pit.

4. Duct linking the barrier to the power generator. The standard equipment includes flexible hoses of 5m.

5. Covering steel sheet for vehicles passage and access to hydraulic rams and position sensors for maintenance.
Treatment: sand + metallization + powder paint RAL 2000, thickness 80 to 100 microns.

6. Two-color (green/red), unidirectional LED traffic light, delivered with wall mounted brackets.


The supporting framework is constructed from fully welded, heavy gauge, high strength, structural steels completely encased with steel sheets to provide a self-shuttered module. Sub-surface fixing points ensure the blocker is completely secured to its foundation.


We strongly recommend the fitting of Traffic Light, Inductive Loop and CCTV Systems wherever the blocker control point is remote from installation location.
Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorcycles are advised not to use a blocker controlled roadway for safety reasons, additional safety measures can be incorporated into the blocker system if required.

  • Additional LED traffic light.
  • Post to install traffic light(s) (standard AS model)
  • Push button box (open – stop -close).
  • Longer hydraulic hose: 10 or 15 m.
  • Vehicle presence detector with inductive loop.
  • Safety cell Transmitter / Receiver on post.
  • UPS (emergency power supply for the control unit).
  • Manual pump.
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