The guest house is even called a mobile cabin, which can be moved in many places according to the customer’s needs. This type of portable cabin is designed by NH Enterprises portable manufacturers who understand the needs of their customers. Compare to concrete houses, people started to show interest in mobile cabins. Pakistan’s best-finished products at low prices. There are several types of cabins on the market that many of us are unaware of. Today we discuss the types of cabins offered on the market in this blog.

Secure your cabin according to your budget

As you know, you can choose as many bowls as you need. Below is a list of some of the bowls you won’t miss.


Cabin Shelter:

This is one of the most trusted shipbuilders in the industry and can provide quality cabins. The ward is specially for guards and has all the necessary tools to ensure the security of the guard house.


Office container:

one of the most used containers in the industry. These types of cabinets are often use in buildings or offices. This can help employees to continue working locally and provide all the tools they need to continue working without interruption.



Health and hygiene are top national priorities. To continue the program, the GNI plan launched to provide portable toilets for everyone who takes advantage of this opportunity.


Porta cabin:

this cottage is made with sophisticated materials and technology to provide better shelter for customers. You can even use collapsible bowls. They even offer regular folders that can use for many purposes.


Portable eco-cabin:

This cabin is for nature lovers or those who want to protect their home or workplace from pollution. It is made of wood and steel and is easy to assemble.


Modular house:

The cabins are available according to customer specifications. It has a perfect look at home, you can search the cement room with all the comforts. You can use a modular house designed by NHEnterprises – Road Safety Products at a reasonable price.


You can find some other bowls:

  • Storage container
  • Storage
  • Toilet
  • Housing
  • Kitchen
  • Cabins
  • Container for commercial purposes
  • Moving portable containers
  • Multilayer container
  • fiberglass cab
  • wooden cabin / house / two-storey café and restaurant / school, etc.

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