This is a common condition: you drive on the highway or stop at a traffic light and you see a teenage driver crossing the lane with a bent head and fingers acting crazy. Look again: how old is this person? They may not be young enough, nor do they remember the feeling of leaving their phones at home.

With the advent of mobile phones and their continued appearance in everyday life, it is more important than ever to remember the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving. Leadership is a serious problem.

Driving disorders are a problem faced by drivers of all ages, but this is particularly important for adult and young adult drivers as they have little experience in driving. There are a lot of figures on this issue and all citizens concerned should know some facts – whether they are parents of a teenage driver.

Using mobile phones can reduce the amount of brain activity associated with driving a car by 37%.

This was confirmed by studies on the subject: studies show that the driver’s response time to reading text is close to 1.5 seconds, the driver’s response time is only half a second when distracting. This is about three times the original, which makes sense because brain activity has decreased by more than a third.

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In short, this is about 70 years of driver response time. It also means that a vehicle moving at 35 mph gets at least 40 feet before the driver has the opportunity to apply the brakes. Another shocking fact is that a blood alcohol level of 0.08 (the legal limit for drivers worldwide) has reduced brain activity by 13%, which is well below 37% for distracting driving.

In 2013, the mobile phone was used by more than 1.2 million car accidents.

There are almost 350,000 text messages from this number, and this number will almost certainly increase as more and more people start relying on their devices in their daily activities.

Using a mobile phone is four times more likely to cause an accident.

This number applies regardless of whether the device is a handsfree or not. Phone conversations are intrusive in themselves. If drivers repeatedly scan the way they read or send text messages, the risk increases significantly.

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Parents are usually a big part of the problem.

Although mothers and fathers try to set a good example by driving uninterruptedly, they often cause teenagers to behave badly without understanding it. Why? Parents write to teenage drivers most likely outdoors, especially at night. Any parent who knows that their child is driving the steering wheel should always be advised to read, respond to or respond to calls or text messages while driving. Some newer phone models have a locking feature that prevents the phone from operating while the car is in motion. It is an ideal tool for safety, especially for parents.

Avoid misleading suggestions

In addition to using security features, there are several ways your phone won’t disturb you while you are driving. You should also aware with all Road Signs and Road Safety Products for better driving. One way is to keep the phone away from the steering wheel. If this is not possible, you should have the right system in place in your home – for example, to make emergency calls and headphones to remind you not to ignore the call. In such cases, the driver should always pull to the side before responding.


Many young drivers rely on their devices to find information, including directions. Before you set off on the road, make sure your teenage driver has a good idea of ​​how to get to your destination. If this is a place they’ve never been to, give them step-by-step instructions and ask them to repeat it.

Running textiles is illegal in many states and some states have banned the use of PDAs. Drivers under a certain age are subject to much stricter laws and tougher penalties. These laws should be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all drivers, including young drivers.


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