There is no need for road trips in Pakistan or anywhere else and you do not need to spend money or be busy. All you need is a car or minibus, a budget for fuel and food, a GPS navigation device, or a Google map and a group of people handy to escape the city for a short time. Fortunately, Pakistan has many beautiful sights. From the breathtaking valleys in the north to the stunning beaches enclosed by the southern mountains, the country is full of beautiful sights for tourists waiting to be discovered. Here are some of the best road trips in Pakistan that everyone must pass at least once.


1. Karachi to Gwadar

Looking for sights outside Karachi City? If so, there is no superior option than a road trip from Karachi City to Gwadar. If you go away town early in the morning, you will reach the city center in just over an hour. From there, pass the Sonmian mount and thence to the Makran Beach Road. This beautiful highway is also called 10 or N10. The Makran Coastal Road is the one of the most beautiful roads in the Pakistan that winds along the Arabian coast. Driving down this street you will also see the untouched Kund Paints Beach, interesting rock formations and active mud volcanoes.

In addition, the N10 is located in the fishing towns of Omara and the Pasni. Before continuing, you can stop here for a short lunch as well as relax. Upon entering Gwadar, the magnificent open mountains begin to obscure the wonderful sea views. The surrounding landscape will certainly make beautiful coastal navigation even more striking.


2. Lahore to Nathiagali

For people living in or near Lahore, perfect road trips from The Islamabad to Nathiagali are ideal. A 6-city road connects two cities. There are many places on either region of the road. If you drive on the M2, it will take about 5 to 6 hours to reach the “Garden City” from the capital.

Both trails are very picturesque, surrounded by lush inexperienced trees and mountains. However, the road linking Nathiagal to Abbottabad seems like the perfect adventure. These exciting views make you forget about fatigue and utter nonsense. In addition, public living figure in The Islamabad can go on a day trip. However, travelers from Lahore must book a hotel or a hotel to stay. Nathiagal Bazaar has numerous accommodation options that won’t add too much to you. From Nathiagal you can go further into Ayubia along with explore further mountain stations. Needless to say, this is one of the most beautiful road trips you can take with your family in the Pakistan.

3. Islamabad to Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azdkashmir, is a heaven on earth. From the out of this world landscape to the delightful river flowing through the city, a visit to Muzaffarabad should be the supreme choice for everyone. For easy driving from The Islamabad, you can take the Murree Expressway to the Kohala Bridge. From there you can continue on the exciting the blue Neelum River along the postcard worthy Kohala-Muzaffarabad highway. From the The Islamabad to Muzaffarabad it takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes. You can also travel to the magnificent Neelum Valley to further explore the beauty of Kashmir.

4. Islamabad to SWAT

Another paradise on earth is the Swat Valley Trail in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a city as beautiful as its destination. Traveling from The Islamabad, you can easily obtain the M1 to Mardan. From there you can go to Takht-i-Bahi, an ancient Buddhist monastery and one of Pakistan’s six UNICEF the human race Heritage Sites.


To reach Swat’s administrative to the capital, Saidu Sharif, you’ll need to drive through Dargai, Malakand Pass and the Chakdara. It takes about five hours from The Islamabad to reach this tourist destination. However, if you choose Peshawar as your starting point, it will take about four hours. You can pay out the night in Saidu Sharif or Mingor as they are very popular with travelers. However, try to book a room in advance as both places are crowded throughout the year. Although the whole Swat Valley is wonderful, the trip won’t be inclusive unless you visit Kalam Valley, about 99 km from Mingora. The Kalam Valley is a tourist paradise surrounded by stunning glacier lakes, vast forests and breathtaking waterfalls. This trip to Pakistan will certainly not leave you.


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