Recognizing the workplace awareness week at national level, we have four security tips briefly to guide the work area and be aware of what is happening around you. After all, the safety of your employees at the workplace depends on you.

  1. Be careful and alert when entering the working area.

By law, a warning sign warning sign is displayed in the work area for the upcoming work area. This is because drivers need time to enter, identify, assign and respond to the work area. The time taken to do this is called the perception period (PRT). The length of the average distance before the zones will work indicates that it is 816 feet, but the individual distances depending on the maximum speed of the route area. The MUTCD Handbook distributes these distances here.

Say that the workspace warning should give you enough time to slow down, focus, and be a warning before entering the workspace.

  1. Be aware of other drivers.

You don’t mean that other drivers around you do the same, unfortunately, because you enter the work area carefully. This is what you can do to ensure the safety of the people around you.

  • Don’t panic. The braking distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front of the vehicle should normally be seven seconds. This will help you avoid returning them when they suddenly stop or slow down.
  • Make others walk safely. Traffic in work areas often combines one lane. Give yourself enough time to connect and not spoil other drivers. The workspace will still slow you down and no one will drive you to your destination earlier.
  • See driver malfunctions. Again, because you follow the rules and you are responsible, it doesn’t mean that everything is. You can also use rubber column protector, it is most suitable fixing to steel column or concrete. Always be careful with other drivers who do not respect the work area and know what they are doing to prevent possible accidents.
  1. Remove all distractions.

We love listening to good playlists or podcasts as much as the next guy, but it may be insignificant in the workplace. A study by the Newfoundland Memorial University showed that when listening to loud music, the driver’s response time may be reduced to 20%. In a work area, a 20% delayed driver response may be the difference between life and death.

The same is not true in the phone and not in the workroom. What you need to say is to wait until you are out of the workplace and not drive. If you have children in your car, make sure to be quiet when navigating the work area.

  1. Respect workers in the work area.

Passing the work area can be stressful and tedious. If you are angry that the disk has slowed down or slowed down or if the drivers around you follow the rules, keep it cool and don’t worry about the workers.

If human traffic is in traffic, be quiet and listen to the instructions. If auto-control with AFAD is provided, mark this mark. In either case, wait for the work area. Don’t speed up your work area to express your frustration or reach your destination faster. It does nothing good and can cause the road user to be injured or even killed. Not to mention the major consequences in the work area, whether you are making an accident or not, such as bouncing a fine or even a prison.

At NHEnterprises, our security staff is the top priority. That’s why we are committed to leading manufacturing industry to keep mortgage loans and then work in the region as safely as possible.

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