Each awareness campaign must consider how to convey information to our youngest pedestrians. The younger they learn, the more basic are road safety.

Children are very important this year for road safety week. At the same time, Bremen’s charity security encourages us all to drive less and live more. Everyone, except for driving, must leave home this week and choose a different mode of transport.

The sad truth is that, in addition to medical cases, the main cause of death and serious injuries in children and adolescents is injuries caused by traffic accidents. Overcrowded drivers are not only a risk of injury to infants, but also a fear factor among parents. When the roads are so busy, parents may be reluctant to let their children walk or drive to school, making the roads busy with schoolwork.

So if we are all trying to avoid unnecessary traffic congestion, how can we continue to educate our children on road safety?

There are four ways parents and teachers can help you:


  1. Safe Travel Guides – Teachers can conduct a travel survey in the classroom to understand how children get to school. They can then come up with ideas for a safer and different way of traveling and ask the children to put their names on the map.


  1. Cycling or Pedestrian Training – Many municipalities have established courses to teach children how to walk or drive safely. They can advise whether the teacher’s school environment is safe enough to train.


  1. Stand for Safer Street Movement – Children have the right to use local roads without fear of injury and the right to fight faster and safer driving like everyone. For more information, see the braking community sports page.


  1. Beep! Days – 2 to 7 years, beep brake! The day is a great opportunity for children to learn the basics of road safety through play. Last year there were 27,000 children with 450 beeps! All day long in the Pakistan – many wear the brightest clothes of the day, others hear the noise of road safety while studying and singing, and some have a cross on the obstacle course lane in the classroom so they can be safe.


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This is Maria Nazir from Karachi, Pakistan. She is a well qualified blog writer and she loves to write about road safety products. Currently, she is associated with NH Enterprises. Her hobbies are reading books, writing blogs and travelling.

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