The use of the Porta cabins in the Pakistan construction industry is increasing due to covid-19 situation. Many companies want to complete a project directly on site, so they choose to leave their employees or managers on site. In this case, Porta cabin is very useful for a temporary stay until the project is completed. Many companies save money by using temporary offices on construction sites. These collapsible portable bowls are durable and very durable and can be easily moved from one place to another. The Porta cabin is widely used in buildings for a variety of purposes and is manufactured by Porta cabin manufacturers in a managed environment.

There are many by-products in Pakistan, but few companies produce portable operations according to industry standards. EPACK is one of them that offers customers across Pakistan a wide range of cabins. The advantages of the holiday home are the following:

1. Mobility

The Porta cabin can be easily moved from one place to another at any time. Even if it needs to be removed, it is easy to remove and install elsewhere.

2. Fast construction

Compared to the production of permanent buildings, the time taken to produce each building is reduced by 50-60%. Therefore, it takes less time and therefore reduces the time and money spent on work in matters that are not related to the project itself.

3. Weatherproof Porta Cabins

These access control booths have good insulation, capacity, strength and corrosion-free properties. Therefore, bad weather does not affect the collapsible portable passenger. The port cabin has a cooling and heating system to reduce the impact of the weather.

4. Porta Cabins in Different sizes

These tunnels can be arranged in different sizes according to the customer’s requirements. Additionally, you can change it as needed.

5. Flexible Porta Cabin design

Changing a permanent design can be difficult, but you can look at collapsible corridors if necessary. The design of these access control cabins can be adapted and transported to different conditions and is ideally suited for areas with limited access.


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