Active roadblocks are a solar eclipse with traditional retrospective roadblocks. They clearly explained the way ahead and lowered the accident rate at night. Our SolarLite Functional Road Map makes the driver 10 times larger than normal studs. Follow the two comparisons below.

Since the first studs were used on roads more than a decade ago, we have studied the impact of active studs on accident rates and believe they will reduce accidents. Only recently have we discovered how passers-by are approaching them. After doing some road research, we can now answer the basic questions you may have asked yourself about active road learning.


1) Can active traffic studs reduce accidents at night?

Yes, the SolarLite studs reduce night accidents by more than 70% *. We determined this number by the ratio before and after the crash with SolarLite studs.

In addition, laboratory transportation studies have found that active roadmaps can improve lane discipline, reduce the potential for frontal collisions, provide more stable braking and make drivers safer. They also found that despite the drivers reporting the speeding, the speed was not significantly different than when driving in normal reflection studies. The sense of speed is reduced to the visual impact that the plaques see as they pass the driver’s perimeter.

So if your network has traffic safety issues at night, it’s a good idea to investigate as part of the solution.


2) Can installation of active road studs increase driver confidence?

Over the past three months, The leading company have conducted a number of surveys in different countries to find answers for residents who have recently lived near SolarLite studs. With over 1000 responses so far, we can now share road users’ feelings about research.

Before installing the roadblock, only 38% of respondents said it was “fair” or “completely” safe to drive this road at night. It rose to an average of 86% by the time it was set up, indicating that drivers feel safer at night using active canes.

In addition, the majority (87%) of respondents believe that performance surveys can improve evening visibility.

Pedestrians can comment on positive research with the opportunity to:

“Now it’s much clearer, even in the dark and wet weather we’ve been to lately. The exit routes are more visible. Now it’s more of a runway than a road. It’s a huge improvement.”

“Beyond safety, driving these sections at night is a more enjoyable experience”

“It’s fun to drive now. If you’ve never turned around, you can at least tell us about the road’s boundary, which isn’t a surprise at the end of the journey!”

“Great”, “Great Job”, “Mint”

Almost all reviews (94%) were as positive as these. We’ve also received many tips on where you can benefit from future implementations.


3) Why should we worry about road users?

The first time we received feedback directly from passers-by, we wondered how effective they were in preventing our road map. It is easy for anyone to look at the accident rate, analyze the costs and benefits of safety solutions and forget about their real impact on the daily lives of road users.

Given that the mission of our company is to use intelligence to inform decisions and influence behavior to help people make better journeys, we need to consult with road users to understand their views. After all, it is the end-user of everyone we work with in the field of roads. It is not a very exciting profession, but it has changed people’s daily lives. Sometimes in a bigger way (to prevent an accident), sometimes in a smaller way (when people run less anxious at night). In both cases, we are now pleased to demonstrate the experience and emotional impact of this solution.

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This is Sarah Sheikh from Karachi, Pakistan. I have recently completed my master’s education from the NED University in civil engineering. I am pro blogger and I love to write blogs on Road Safety Rubber Products Manufacturers. My hobbies are reading, writing and travelling.

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