If you look at one or more cities in Pakistan, you may see construction in progress. According to statistics from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, this is a huge industry – whether it is building new houses, major infrastructure or repairing regional roads – major construction works took place in October 2019 alone.

The main concern of any construction site is the traffic management that flows through the area. It is important to ensure the safety and responsibility of drivers, pedestrians and employees in order to reduce the risk of injury and move the project forward. What are the key traffic management activities on a construction site?


Reduce the risk of accidents


According to the Director-General for Health and Safety at Work, most road accidents occur in construction sites where vehicles and pedestrians cross. Access to stations, intersections, and sidewalks are endangered areas, so using first-time trainer trainers at these locations is a necessary first step.

Architectural features such as scaffolding and temporary barriers can obstruct the visibility of pedestrians and increase the risk of pedestrians passing through or around the site. Similarly, barriers can require people to walk in areas they usually avoid, so that if someone intervenes as safely as possible, they should guide people.


Follow the necessary signs and warnings


Another effective way to reduce the likelihood of construction site accidents is to ensure that all hazardous areas are clearly marked so that people know where they should and should not be. Only the creation of pedestrian areas, secure parking and speed limits are a number of factors that need to be included in traffic management plans.

Signs play an important role in defining a road around a station, but visual alarms (such as flashing lights and bright barriers) indicate a limited area of ​​vehicles and space restrictions. However, in the middle of the traffic management plan, there must be qualified officers available who will monitor and adjust the required schedules at all times.

Traffic management with NH Enterprises


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