Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

The agricultural sector of Pakistan is heavily dependent on tractors for the efficient running of farming. In 2024, prices for tractor models have experienced significant fluctuations because of various economic variables. This article offers a thorough description of current prices of tractors in Pakistan and highlights the most important models from the leading manufacturers like Millat Tractors (Massey Ferguson), Al Ghazi Tractors (New Holland), Belarus, Bull Power (IMT), ATS, Ford, and YTO.


Economic Factors Influencing Tractor Prices


The decline in the value of the Pakistani Rupee versus the US Dollar has been a significant factor in the boost in the cost of tractor. In addition, the shortage in CKD (Completely Knocked Down) units has further aggravated the problem. These economic issues have created an effect of dominoes, affecting not just the auto industry but also the market for agricultural machinery.


Millat Tractors (Massey Ferguson) Prices in 2024

Millat Tractors Limited, the market leader in Pakistan, has a significant share in the tractor market. The company recently announced a price hike for its models. Below are the updated prices for 2024:


  • MF 240 2WD (50 HP): Rs. 2,190,000
  • MF 260 2WD (60 HP): Rs. 2,550,000
  • MF 360-2WD (60 HP): Rs. 2,690,000
  • MF 360-4WD (60 HP): Rs. 3,795,000
  • MF 375-2WD (75 HP): Rs. 3,345,000
  • MF 385-2WD (85 HP): Rs. 3,465,000
  • MF 385 (4WD) (85 HP): Rs. 4,585,000

These prices reflect a substantial increase, with models such as the MF-375 4WD seeing a rise of Rs. 335,000, now priced at Rs. 4,500,000.

Al Ghazi Tractors (New Holland) Prices in 2024

Al Ghazi Tractors Limited, a subsidiary of the Al-Futtaim group, manufactures New Holland tractors in Pakistan. The updated prices for their models are as follows:

  • NH-480s (55 HP): Rs. 2,194,000
  • NH-640 (75 HP): Rs. 3,325,000
  • NH Dabung (85 HP): Rs. 3,430,000
  • NH-70-56 4WD (85 HP): Rs. 4,575,000

Al Ghazi has also been affected by the economic challenges, leading to significant price adjustments.

Belarus Tractor Prices in 2024

Belarus, another key player in the Pakistani tractor market, has also adjusted its prices. The popular Belarus 510 model is now priced as follows:

  • 510 Simple (2022): Rs. 4,900,000
  • 512 4WD (2021): Rs. 5,500,000
  • 800 SPECIAL (2021): Rs. 5,600,000
  • 820 Simple (2021): Rs. 5,700,000

These models have seen price increases primarily due to the devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee.

Bull Power (IMT) Tractor Prices in 2024

Bull Power tractors, previously known as IMT, have resumed their sales in Pakistan. The latest prices are:


  • Bull Power-549 (50 HP): Rs. 2,105,000
  • Bull Power-565 (60 HP): Rs. 2,435,000
  • Bull Power 585 4WD (85 HP): Rs. 4,295,000

ATS Tractor Prices in 2024

ATS tractors have a price range of PKR 2,889,000 to PKR 4,195,000 based on model variants. For example:


  • ATS-290 Manual (82 HP): PKR 2,889,000
  • ATS-290 Special 4-Wheel Drive (82 HP): PKR 4,195,000

Ford Tractor Prices in 2024

Ford tractors, although less common, have their new prices listed as follows:

  • Ford 3850 (50 HP): Rs. 1,090,000
  • Ford 5880 (80 HP): Rs. 1,560,000

YTO Tractor Prices in 2024

YTO, a Chinese brand, offers the following models:

  • EX-800 2WD (80HP): Rs. 2,490,000
  • EF-804 4WD (80HP): Rs. 2,250,000


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Implications of the Price Hikes

According to NH ENTERPRISES PAKISTAN, The increase in tractor prices isn’t only a game of numbers; it can have real-world consequences for farmers. The higher prices for tractor means increased cost of cultivation and could result in increased prices for staple food items. Recent diesel price increases only increased the operating costs of farmers, causing further stress to the financial health of farmers.





As we enter 2024, the market for tractor in Pakistan is undergoing significant changes as a result of the economic turmoil. While price increases can be hard to comprehend, understanding the current market conditions will benefit farmers and others make better decisions.




1) What factors influence the pricing of tractors in Pakistan?

Tractor prices in Pakistan are influenced by various factors including the brand, model, engine horsepower, transmission type (manual or automatic), included features, and the geographical location of the dealership. Economic factors such as import duties, exchange rates, and fuel prices also play a significant role in determining the final cost of tractors.

2) Do tractor prices vary significantly across different regions of Pakistan?

Yes, tractor prices can vary across different regions of Pakistan due to factors such as transportation costs, local taxes, and regional demand-supply dynamics. Generally, tractors may be priced slightly higher in remote or less accessible areas due to increased logistical expenses.

3) Which tractor brands are popular in Pakistan in 2024?

Popular tractor brands in Pakistan include Massey Ferguson, New Holland, John Deere, Fiat, and Millat. These brands offer a diverse range of models with varying specifications to cater to different agricultural requirements and budgets. Availability and after-sales service networks can vary by brand, impacting purchasing decisions.

4) How can Pakistani farmers find the best deals on tractors?

Farmers in Pakistan can find competitive deals on tractors by researching online platforms, visiting local dealerships, attending agricultural exhibitions, and networking with other farmers. It’s advisable to compare prices, features, and after-sales service offerings before making a purchase. Keeping an eye on seasonal promotions and financing options from manufacturers or dealerships can also help in securing a favorable deal.

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